Lady sentenced after burying mom in garden, embezzling from church

Lady sentenced after burying mom in garden, embezzling from church

Marcia Lutz had been sentenced to probation and fines after burying her mom’s human body in the home and embezzling from the church. (Picture: Trace Christenson/The Enquirer)

An East Leroy woman convicted of burying her mom inside her yard and embezzling from the church ended up being sentenced to probation on Friday.

Marcia Lutz, 46, will invest 3 years on probation and ordered to cover $34,489.28 in restitution and $2,946 in fines and expenses.

The phrase was in trade for accountable pleas in January to concealing the loss of a person and embezzlement for between $20,000 and $50,000 from First Christian Church where she worked as treasurer and that has since closed.

The previous pastor associated with church, Rev. Kingery Clingenpeel, told Calhoun County Circuit Court Judge Sarah Lincoln that the congregation that is 30-member struggling to get over the embezzlement and that he preached their final sermon on December 29 therefore the church ended up being closed and also the building at 7475 B Drive North in Emmett Township had been offered.

“We hoped to fix the harm, but we’re able to maybe maybe perhaps not, ” Clingenpeel, 73, told the court.

He stated that more than almost a year Marcia Lutz usually reported into the congregation concerning the progress of her mother, Phyllis Lutz, even with she had been dead.

“We received a xmas card during the early December 2018 signed by Phyllis and Marcia, ” Clingenpeel stated, “not comprehending that Phyllis was currently hidden into the garden for the home since, in line with the Michigan State Police, approximately September.

” The Sunday before my partner called law enforcement to be sure of Phyllis, Marcia reported to your church ‘my mother has already reached a plateau and it is neither better nor worse. ‘”

On Jan. 17, 2019 troopers went along to the house on 4 Mile path for the welfare check and fundamentally discovered the human body for the 74-year-old Phyllis Lutz, covered with blankets and hidden near a burn pit within the garden. Continue reading “Lady sentenced after burying mom in garden, embezzling from church”