The Truth about Sole Men and Powerful Women

The Truth about Sole Men and Powerful Women

Strong woman finding good men
Are you a smart, independent, sole woman who is dating following 40 and also having a terrible of a time finding great men at this point? Are you beginning to think you will find just not good men available who can manage your durability and brains? I hope you cannot mind this saying that: you are w-r-o-n-g.

As a courting and romance coach instructions and a woman who was a new bride at 47 rapid I’m quite aware of everything we tell our self:

Men aren’t handle wise, powerful women.

The only guys left at this age are man-boys, jerks and players.

Now i am not letting go of my independence for some man who’s planning to tell me the way to live my entire life.

If they doesn’t arrive, that’s great. I’m alright alone.

Well, I have. Above was my mantras for years.

My partner and i hung on to them nice and tight till I realized that they were myths. The truth has been out there plain as moment but , grow older do with the amount of beliefs, I just now refused to see the contrary evidence. (I considered this to be true u hate currently being wrong! )

One of those misguided beliefs is that your current fierce self-sufficiency and becoming set in your own personal ways continues you from getting love.

Allow me to share a number of what I learned that cleared how for my very own grownup adore story.

Before I got wedded in 2006…

No one told me how to feel or sense.

Compromise ended up being something My partner and i rarely did.

I didn’t owe any individual anything, thus no one is the boss regarding me.

I made my own options.

I was successful and charted my own journey.

I came up with the lifestyle I want to including hanging and vacationing with my girlfriends, shopping for what I desired and proceeding where (and when) I want to.

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